Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program by Udacity- why I chose it

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

After taking a few years break from a full-time software career, I was looking for a comeback. Something different yet relevant, where I could leverage my computer science degree and build on that by adding a new skillset. I noticed that the digital universe was expanding and continued to grow. More and more people all over the world were having access to the internet and became active on the social media. It became imperative for small businesses to have a digital presence to showcase and market their products or services digitally. As a result, learning digital marketing skills for expanding a home-based business or to become a digital marketer, became a no brainer.

However, I did not have either the skillset or any experience in the field of digital marketing. Getting into a completely new field felt like a daunting and overwhelming task. There was a plethora of courses available online or in-person. Some were very expensive; some did not have a well-structured curriculum and some were too long.

Where could I find a right course that was a good balance between the curriculum offered, the cost involved and the time required to finish the course?

Udacity’s Digital Nanodegree Program offered the exact solution that I was looking for. The Digital Nanodegree Program is a very practical course with hands on project experience. It goes beyond just offering theoretical knowledge. The course is developed with a collaboration with leaders in the industry like Google, Hootsuite and Facebook.

It covers topics that include concepts like marketing fundamentals, content strategy, social media marketing and advertising, search engine optimization, Google Ads, email marketing and Google Analytics. The videos are short and concise. The teachers are knowledgeable and also advise us on many resources that we can use to broaden our knowledge. There are hands-on projects where you get to run ad campaigns.

Unlike other online courses where you are on your own, Udacity offers a knowledge hub where mentors answer your questions and guide you through any pain points when you are stuck. There is also a peer chat group, where you can reach out to other students working on the same course. It also offers resources for career help for those interested.

I am glad I am taking this course and I am confident it will help me learn the skills to became a successful digital marketer.